The Beginner’s Guide to OKRs

Without the right strategic implementation framework, managers spend too much time and energy helping their team meet organizational goals. OKRs align the team toward a goal and provides a framework to explain the objectives easily.

The beginner's guide to OKRs 

What's in the Printable?

Your organization strives to reach its goals every day. To ensure you’re hitting them, you need objectives and key results well mapped out from the start. The Beginner’s Guide to OKRs is here to help you set these for your team so there’s no confusion and your leaders can assess results easily. What are some of the benefits of implementing OKRs at your organization?

Improved Communication Between Team Members


Increased Engagement and Motivation 


Focused Task Execution and Increased Accountability  

Objectives and Key Results Done Right

Creating and implementing a new goal setting strategy is daunting. Let us help you make the process easier by aligning your team’s goals to your organizational strategy with OKRs. Curate your team’s OKRs through the platform and easily align to your corporate strategy for a sense of transparency across the organization—whether you’re setting individual, team, or organizational goals. Discover the do’s and don’t’s of setting OKR’s for your organization.