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Create leaders at all levels

Inspire Software is designed to lead the way to new heights as you focus your people,  teams, and organizations on growth. We’ve integrated a comprehensive suite of applications — performance, goals or OKRs, feedback, 1:1s, recognition, learning, and pulse surveys — that go way beyond just managing performance. With Inspire, you align your people and their work to the strategy. As they execute, you grow.

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OKR and Goal Achievement

Easily set, manage, and meet goals and OKRs for individuals, teams, and the enterprise — with consulting and training through our certified OKR professionals and exclusive partnership with OKRstraining.com.


Continuous Performance Management

Grow goal-driven 1:1 conversations that address real needs in real-time — with collaboration, feedback, and recognition features built into the weekly planning structure so your teams stay focused on what’s important.


Applied Leadership Development

Develop a leadership methodology and language learned in the context of real work — with training, certification, and coaching features and services in partnership with OKRstraining.com.


Feedback and Recognition

Reinforce your values and culture through monetary and non-monetary recognition tools. Boost morale with instant shoutouts and award points for more significant accomplishments so you can recognize with ease in the flow of work.