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HR Directors...
Do Your Employees Feel Rewarded at Work?

If you're like most other organizations the answer is, sadly...no. Discover how to change that. Start  by asking yourself 6 simple questions.

Take the Rewards for Performance Online Assessment

 Here's What You Get When You Take the Assessment...

Strength & Performance Evaluation

Uncover where your organization excels and/or fails and find out what emphasis it places on employee performance

Culture Ranking

Discover where your organization's culture ranks against average organizational standards

Score & Action Items

Get an actionable recommendation on how you and your team can improve your organizational culture

Dr. Drea Zigarmi | Inspire Software

Who Created This Assessment?

Renowned leadership expert Dr. Drea Zigarmi developed this complimentary Organizational Performance Assessment based on his validated comprehensive Performance Management Profile, LeadershipGenius.


How Well Does Your Organization Reward Employees?

Take This Short Self-Assessment to Find out!