5 Phases of Performance Whitepaper

Setting, pursuing, and achieving goals shouldn’t be a frustrating experience. The 5 Phases of Performance works perfectly alongside your OKRs to help you not only set but achieve the goals you set for you and your team.

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What's in the Whitepaper?

There are ebbs and flows of ability and energy when an individual, team, or organization pursues an objective. The Leadership Genius Phases of Performance describe, not explain, why you are at a certain state of performance toward a goal. When it comes to managing performance during these phases, this whitepaper will help leaders: 


Encourage and engage curiosity towards a goal


Recognize and communicate performance needs


Monitor energy and ability continuously

What it Takes to Reach Your Goals 

The 5 Phases of Performance are a proven methodology for setting OKRs into motion. Through regular assessments of Ability and Energy toward the pursuit of individual, team, and organizational Objectives and Key Results, leaders at every level of an organization will increase the quality of their conversations toward their goals. Learn more in this whitepaper: