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How Motivation Science Will Help Your Company Avoid the Great Regret

Incorporating motivation science into organizational business practices will help you will better attract and retain great talent.


About this Webinar

During The Great Resignation, millions of people changed jobs seeking happiness. They joined companies full of hope for their future, only to realize something was still missing. Their shattered expectations have become known as The Great Regret.

What these employees and the organizations they joined don’t realize is that the “something” they are missing has been identified by motivational science as the three psychological needs required to thrive: choice, connection, and competency. By incorporating motivation science into your business practices, you will better attract and retain great talent, and avoid becoming your employees’ great regret.

Join Chris Wollerman and Susan Fowler in a discussion of:

  • Breakthroughs in motivation science
  • Insights into best practices that impact the employee experience
  • Practical ways to effectively attract and retain the right talent through motivation
  • How to create a culture of passionate (not just satisfied or engaged) employees