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Inspire People to Win at Work Through Continuous Performance

Inspire Software's Continuous Performance Management platform is designed to Inspire People to Win at Work by providing tools and resources to help individuals and organizations improve their performance, achieve their goals, and develop leadership skills to help them become more effective in their roles. Inspire allows people to perform at a higher level through the following: 

  • Guided Performance Agreements that Align with Organizational Strategy
  • Ongoing Performance Assessments 
  • Leadership Tools to Enhance Conversations and Collaboration
  • Give and Receive Real-time Feedback on Performance Goals
  • Recognize excellent performance when it happens. 

Inspire enables you to help your people to win at work through an intelligent, Continuous Performance platform! 

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OKRs Training is a global leader in OKR expertise through experienced consulting, training, certification, on-demand learning, and ongoing coaching to help your organization pursue what matters most, effectively execute strategy, and initiate high performance.

Create a Culture of Performance

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