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OKRs Done Right

Execute Business Strategy while elevating employee performance and developing leaders through Inspire Software’s world-class OKR platform. Aligned with best-selling OKR author Paul Niven’s approach to OKRs, Inspire enables your organization to: 

  • Set Corporate Strategies and OKRs that are transparent to everyone in the company. 
  • Enable Departments, Teams, and Individuals to align their OKRs to Company OKRs. 
  • Generate dashboards and reports that give Leaders critical business intelligence and improve Strategy Execution.  
  • Integrate your OKR platform into an effective performance management process and proven leadership practices.   

OKRs Done Right enables your organization to focus on what matters most and achieve winning business results while developing a culture of excellence! 

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Make Your OKR Journey a Success

OKRs Training is a global leader in OKR expertise through experienced consulting, training, certification, on-demand learning, and ongoing coaching to help your organization pursue what matters most, effectively execute strategy, and initiate high performance.



Create a Culture of Performance

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